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Samank Tandoor Atta is a specially known for Punjabi dishes. It is a special Atta which gives you “Homemade Hotel-like taste”.Tandoor Atta is always made with whole wheat flour (Atta), and not plain flour (maida). Tandoor Atta consist high Fibre & rich in proteins. It is a kind of floor which is extracted during the wheat flour minding’s. Tandoor Atta is also known as Special Atta for Roti. It contains high gluten content which makes it suitable for items like Naan, Rumali Roti, Tandoori Roti & kulcha. Samank “NURTURING YOUR HEALTH”, has taken care of quality and hygiene for all the products. Samank Tandoor Atta is very Notorious and gives” Homemade food Hotel like taste” and is also known as perfect Atta to make Roti.

Fat1.20 g
Cholesterol0.00 mm
Sodium20.00 mm
Carbohydrates70.02 g
Fiber1.20 g
Sugar0.40 g
Protein11.08 g
Calcium40.00 mm
Iron 5.33 mm

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50 Kg