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Samank Multi Grain Atta is special addition for health conscious people, in today’s world who believes that Health Come’s first. Samank has come up with Atta which is full of nutrition and good to consume on everyday basis. Multigrain by the name itself means mixture of 2 or more grains. Multigrain Flour with Nutritional Properties is prepared using Wheat, Maize, Oats, Psyllium Husk Chana and soya. The Multigrain Flour also comprises of Lobia and Barlay. The Multigrain Flour is enriched with nutritional properties that make it healthy to consume on regular basis. Samank “NURTURING YOUR HEALTH”, has taken care of quality and hygiene for all the products. Samank Multi Grain Atta is very useful for daily use at it contains 6 important grains which are very useful or health and nourishment.

Energy Value360 kcal
Protein13.8 g
Fat(by soxtech)3.0 g
Calcium95 mg
Iron15 mg
Vitamin B10.30 mg
Vitamin B20.18 mg

Product Information:

Available in following quantities:

500 g

1 Kg

5 Kg

25 Kg

50 Kg