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Samank Besan is used to make variety of items like Besan ke Ladoo, Halwa, Dhokla, Batata wada and most importantly Bhajiyas and It is a staple ingredient in India. Besan is very rich in proteins & Carbohydrates which is a very important source of energy. Besan or Gram flour has been traditionally used extensively for its beauty and health benefits. Gram flour or ‘Besan, as we call it in Hindi, is nothing but a pulse flour that we obtain when we grind chickpeas or channa dal. Being such a versatile item, besan has found a permanent place in our kitchens. All of us have had the pleasure of tasting the different yummy dishes made with besan, as it is a favorite ingredient for Indian homemade healthy snacks option. Samank “NURTURING YOUR HEALTH”, has taken care of quality and hygiene for all the products. Samank Besan Owing to it’s high protein content it can be easily be consumed by vegetarians to fulfill their protein needs which adds protein & fiber to your diet.

Energy value371.8 kcal
Protein19.8 g
Fat5.4 g
Carbohydrates58.8 g
Calcium56.4 mg
Iron5.1 mg

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500 g

1 Kg

25 Kg

50 Kg